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Our Success in Real Estate Investing

New Creation Group's original passion was in real estate investing motivated by the satisfaction we gained from updating "original" fifty year old + houses to preserve the historical character and help revitalize neighborhoods and maintain home values.

Unlike many of the inexperienced "flippers" you see out there who have no idea what they're doing, WE DO! Our 12 years of homebuilding/renovation experience, 5 years of real estate investing, combined with our passion, provides the professionalism and dedication to sell quick and earn the highest possible profits even in a "down" market.

That's why all but two of our "spec" renovations have sold in less than 31 days on market (average days on market is 35).

Partner with New Creation Group

There are several different ways to invest in real estate with New Creation Group.

  • • Partner with us to buy low & sell high
  • • Become a Private Lender - with real estate as collateral
  • • Consider earning regular income through rental property
  • • Acquire and hold property for maximum profitability
  • • Real Estate Investment Group - shared risk & rewards
  • • Partner with us to help sell your home at full price & fast!
Give us a call and let New Creation Group show you how! 214-766-2677

Real Estate is Still a Safe Investment

Real Estate is one of the fastest, easiest and safest ways to invest your money today. Historically, real estate prices have always increased. Prices may go up and down, but the overall trend is for real estate to increase in the long term. What makes real estate investing so exciting is that it's possible to make money in both the short term and the long term regardless of whether the real estate market is up or down.


The key to success in real estate is knowledge. Know the real estate cycle, know the area, and know the right strategy to use. Give us a call and let New Creation Group show you how!


Almost every Millionaire invests in real estate!
bathroom remodel
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kitchen remodel